what people are saying

"I loved that Shea supported me throughout the whole process! From beginning to end, I felt understood and challenged. Shea helped me put my style into words, and she helped me realize that I really do know what I like! Trimming my wardrobe has helped me devote time and energy to other things! When I wake up in the morning, I’m no longer overwhelmed by excessive choices. I’m not ashamed to pick out an outfit I like and feel confident in it when I go to work! I am at choice when it comes to picking out my clothes, and I can be confident in my expression of myself now! With Shea’s help, you too can own your unique style and walk confidently in it!"

 - Steph

"Shea was such a help with my wardrobe purge! I had been holding on to so many clothes that I was not even wearing and didn't realize it! Shea walked me through the process and explained how your clothes should speak to who you are. Even though it was hard to decide what clothes to get rid of, it felt so good afterwards. I feel like my closet speaks to who I am so much more. It isn't as hard to get ready in the morning now that I love everything in my closet. I would encourage everyone to give it a try!"


“My wardrobe coaching session with Shea was such a breath of fresh air. At the time I had an extremely limited wardrobe due to long-term travel, and Shea helped me see new potential with pieces I already owned and helped me put together a wardrobe action plan for when I was back in the States. She also gave me a little piece of wisdom that I will probably carry with me forever…“if the jeans make you feel terrible about yourself, get rid of them!”