essential oils starter kit

super excited that you are joining my team! you are a few clicks away from unlimited access to our facebook groups & community. once you grab your kit, you will be sent a cutie little welcome packet from me that will teach you all you need to know about how to use your kit — you will not be alone on this journey!

grabbing your starter kit is simple! simply click here & follow the 5 steps below! 

1. check "Wholesale Member" (this is really important!) rather than "Retail Customer". this doesn't mean you have to sell oils! it simply gets you your kit + a 24% wholesale discount for the year. 

2. choose the starter kit w/the dewdrop diffuser or desert mist diffuser (unless you want to upgrade to the rainstone or aria — which is GOALS.

3. now, you can  set up a monthly wellness box (called Essential Rewards). this is hands down the best part of young living! it is 100% the best way to begin a nontoxic lifestyle, & receive SO many freebies/rewards points in the process! (if you add on $50, you'll receive: a little freebie + $15 store credit.)

i personally build my own order every month! some favorites are:

+ balance complete: meal replacement for your least healthy meal of the day. packed with protein and tastes like cake batter.
+ deep relief: goodbye sore muscles — plus it’s gorgeous. all over my neck in the mornings after I sleep funny.
+ progessence plus: hormone/glowy skin support! 2 drops on your forearms every day is all you need. 
+ thieves cleaner: this is the product that got me hooked on YL, and the bottle will last you forever. one capful in a glass spray bottle is all you need! 
+ cedarwood: my first favorite oil outside of the starter kit. bedtime necessity. hair health. add it to hair masks & face masks!
+ mint facial scrub: gently exfoliates! this is my favorite piece of my skin care routine. use 2x a week!

4. enter your information etc.! create a username, password, and pin. write these down so you have easy access to the site again!

5. check out, confirm you got all the way to the confirmation page, & stalk your mailman'! 

so excited for you to get your kit & enter our little community. you're in good hands. after you sign up, i will email you with alll the info you need within a couple days!