Shea Langebartels

Wardrobe Coach + Oily Momma + Organized Forever
Durham, North Carolina

Welcome to Magic Overalls. Thanks for popping by. My name is Shea, your potential coach and affectionate friend. Originally from the midwest, my husband and I now live on the east coast with our cutie son, Gus.

The idea of Magic Overalls began after I found myself crying in my college dorm room closet — true story. I had this never ending feeling of having “nothing to wear,” even though I had a closet full of viable options. Graced by the good and the bad of my early twenties, I no longer had a closet that represented who I had become.

Once school was over, I was drawn to figuring out who I was, and what that meant for the clothes in my closet. A year into my journey, I started to help my friends with their wardrobes. I even became a certified life coach through Lark's Song along the way. The knowledge I gained through my training shifted my process from being solely about individual pieces, to a reflection of the person wearing them.

I fell in love with the joyful outcomes of my friends, and now I’m ready to help you. Feel free to take a peek and see what an overhaul could mean for you. Let me know if you have any questions, or if you are ready to get started!